Investing in Quality Clothing Reduces Your Waste

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Did you know that the clothing industry is one of most polluting industries in the world? It’s hard to believe that fashion and all of its beauty could be harmful to our dear planet, but it is in fact TRUE. 

Ever since I began making clothing I have been gradually educating myself more and more on the environmental impacts of fashion. I was recently watching a video on YouTube that stated on average Americans invest in 70 new clothing items a year and 85% of them end up in a landfill..

Unfortunately clothing does not compose easily. Many of our textiles contain synthetics, dyes, chemicals etc. Which then bleed into the environment and pollute our system. 

All of this got me thinking on my designs..How do I know that people won’t just throw out my creations and contribute to the problem?

I began thinking about the pieces I would never throw out...what are they and why would I not just discard them?

The first pieces that came to mind are ones I own from Little Black Diamond. These are made locally and ethically, they run higher in price than things you find at other places but their quality lasts. So why can I not see myself chucking them in a landfill or donating them?

Because I have invested good money into these pieces and that would essentially be throwing out my hard earned money. No thank you!

So it hit me, when you invest your money into quality pieces, the likelihood of throwing them is out is slim because of the value associated with the purchase. AND if I do decide to get rid of these pieces, I will most likely try to resell them so I can get something back on my investment. 

When clothing is dirt cheap and poor quality, we think of it as disposable. We are more likely to ditch pieces that have no value to us than we are to pieces we’ve invested in.

Will you be more likely to toss a pair of bell bottoms you got from Walmart for $10 or a handmade pair you had made for $70? 


So before you go and purchase your next “crazy good deal”

Ask yourself: 

Will I wear it?

How long will this last me? 

Is the quality good enough to last? 


What will I do with it when I no longer want it? 

If the answer is to donate it, you may want to think again. Donating clothes isn’t as great as we think it is. I will write a post on that here soon but in the meantime - check out the video attached below and do a little research!

The internet has all the facts waiting for you. 




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